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peknô.sk in Helsinki

by Viera Kleinová

The exhibition peknô.sk travelled over Finnish towns for one year and half. Visitors in the towns of Tampere, Kokkola, Varkaus, Kouvola, Pori, Kuopio, Jyväskyla, Joensuu, Vammala, Lohje, Raisio, Pielavesi, Lahti and Helsinki came to see it. As the Townhall in Helsinki was two times larger than expected - 500 square metres – the original concept was expanded and drôty.sk – an exhibition presenting the past and present of tinkery, the most popular Slovak craft – was added. The exhibition presented works archived in the only tinkery museum in Slovakia– Považské Museum in Žilina and creative Slovak producers. The attendance was around 14 500 visitors.




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