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Traditional wristbands

by Angela Czintelová

Wristband decorated with glass beads, around 1930Wristbands in the eastern part of Gemer region were essential part of men´s folk clothes. Wool bands protecting wrists against cold were used for practical (wrist warming, fastening wide sleeves, wrist strengthening) and decorative reasons. They were made at home using various techniques: weaving at a form (wood block), sewing from white cloth (with additional embroidery), hems decorated with linen or leather, 5-needle knitting or crocheting. Single-colour wool wristbands (usually green) were popular around the 1920s. They were decorated with small white glass beads. Young men used to wear them for celebrations such as wedding. Wristbands became extinct after 1945 with new types of clothing. They experienced a revival with popularity of folk ensembles and bands.




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