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The 2007 National Prize for Design

by Adriena Pekárová

Pavla Tobková: Travelling wearThe National Prize for Design, organised by the Slovak Design Centre in two-year intervals, is a competition concentrating mainly at design of machine-produced products which, in turn, limits the application of craft techniques. Craft-oriented products, however, often register into the main competition category. Official results of the 8th competition, published at the end of October 2007, supported the assumption. The situation reflects the structure of the sector in Slovakia as well as preserved tradition and positive attitude towards devices made by hand and values they represent. Wood is a material widely used in traditional craft production. Two products – electric violoncello by Tomáš Brichta and the series of sets of bricks by IDS Huncovce – are examples of craft-oriented production that were successful at this year´s competition. A group of products that borrows quality from craft techniques includes the glass work of Patrik Illo, a former designer in the hundred-year old glassworks Rona.

The National Prize for Design expanded its scope of categories by works of students, a category that was added two years ago. Students produce originals that can make it to mass production, if a producer thinks they are worth it. Thirty five students registered for the competition this year, representing all design-oriented schools. A series of travelling wear by Pavla Tobková won the students category (from the studio headed by doc. Júlia Sabová, AFAD). For more information about competition results please consult the competition catalogue.




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