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New brands – Nuée

by Mária Nepšinská

Bety K. Majerníková: Brooch Personal TV´s, 2006The nuée gallery is the only gallery in Bratislava where young Slovak visual artists – designers are invited to present their works in the field of non-commissioned jewellery and fashion. Bety K. Majerníková and Marián Hornyak are behind the concept of this selling gallery. They seek to promote domestic artistic design, usually produced by young graduates of the Academy for Fine Arts and Design. Many of the authors exhibiting their works in the gallery sell their artworks to various galleries in Europe and, ironically, have problems to find an environment where their fresh and unique works can be viewed in Slovakia. Starting from September 2007, The nuée gallery presents the works of selected authors – their unique, often funny and fresh jewelleries, clothes, bags and accessories. The gallery is a place where you can meet some of designers in person. „An opportunity to choose an own special way of presenting and offering our works was our main motivation. A rather large community of jewellers has grouped around the SML_XL studio at the AFAD and they have received positive response from abroad. It was a natural development to come and educate our own people, not only export our things to foreign galleries.“




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