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More than clay

by Mária Nepšinská

Michal Kušík: Kinetic ceramic window-pane, 2006The ceramics studio at the AFAD is a studio with rather short history. Operating in a small space and with limited equipment, the studio was formed in 1990. General conditions and technical equipment have improved and creative endeavours have produced more results. Students develop their creative and professional aptitude in independent work as well as in crafts and design and graduates are significant contribution to the world of Slovak visual art. Under the professional guidance of Jaroslav Košš followed by Ivica Vidrová-Langerová who were building the foundations of the studio for almost two decades, the studio have produced a generation of visual artists actively working in clay.

Studio graduates presented their works at a group exhibition called More then clay that was held in October 2007 in the town of Kremnica. Current students, new and older graduates met at the exhibition. Combined into a specific installation structure, independent works and applied art works were exhibited, representing a wide scope of activities studio graduates do and creative concepts they pursue. The exhibition catalogue presents the history, development and current work of studio graduates.




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