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by Viera Kleinová

Marián Laššák, 2007 Between art and design, between traditional and modern, between Slovak and foreign – it is where six designers stand. They presented their works at an exhibition they called Between in the Design Studio ÚĽUV (May 2007). There is another element that unites them – light. Beating, warm and yellow in clothes by Mária Štraneková. Light of knowledge in the „Every day poetry“ collection by Marián Laššák, light as truth in the series of portraits by Ľubomír Žálec or light as fire and natural force in oil lamps by Matej Chlebiš. Light dress from Mária Štraneková and Matej Chlebiš present light as a symbol of purity and innocence.

The project was organised upon the initiative of clothes designer and AFAD graduate Mária Štraneková who invited her colleagues - four from Slovakia and an Irish designer Barbara Wiggins from London to participate in the project.




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