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Symposium of Jewellery Art Kremnica ‘07

by Mária Nepšinská

Mária Nepšinská: Ring, 2007The town of Kremnica hosted the 13th year of jewellery art symposium in July 2007. All ages of artists doing jewellery art or commercial jewellery, art objects, sculptures and design accepted the invitation.

Being a lifelong artist, Ondrej Ďurian (1951) makes jewellery art objects, small sculptures and medals. Among his recent successes is the 2nd prize he was awarded at the international competition Tahitian Pearl. Peter Humaj (1952) prioritises design in his artistic career, but has devoted part of his liking towards jewellery making. Klára Berkes (1970) is a regular participant in various goldsmith competitions such as the Slovak Opal and Tahitian Pearl. The latter fructified in to the 1st prize in the 2003 national competition, the 3rd prize in the 2004 international competition and three prizes in various categories in the 2005 national competition. Hany Kašičková (1979) re-directed her artistic career as early as at the AFAD, when she moved from textile design to metal jewellery. Her thesis project Hanyx – Animal Attraction has been included in the collection of the Marzee Gallery in the Netherlands. She won the 3rd prize at the 2007 Rings in Water competition in the Jewellery and fashion accessory category. Zdeněk Vacek (1980) has pursued a career in fine arts since 2004. He exhibited his artworks at the 2005 Designblock in Prague and was awarded the Young Artist of the Year and the Best Horse awards for his original presentation. Mária Nepšinská (1977) is a theoretician and curator of applied arts and fine art jewellery. She is a frequent participant at exhibitions, national and international, a curator of various exhibitions. She was the main organiser of the 2007 jewellery symposium in Kremnica for the first time.




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