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Shepherd Museum

Gallery of Folk Art Expression

by Iveta Zuskinová

Exposition of the Shepherd MuseumIn October 2005, the Ethnographical Museum in the town of Liptovský Hrádok opened an exhibition, for which it was awarded the 2005 Museum of the Year. The exhibition hall was constructed with the financial support of the EU-initiated PHARE project. The exhibition comprises two parts with a single theme – shepherd culture. It is the presentation of traditional forms of shepherd culture, displaying reconstructions of shepherd buildings, working and other useful objects such as mugs, working tools, clothing accessories, richly decorated bags, wide buckle-belts, jewellery and decorations.

Second part of the exhibition is called the Gallery of folk art expression and presents carving craft objects made by shepherds, dancing and musical folk arts that influenced traditional folk culture significantly and became part of Slovak folk art.

Slovakia can be proud of the specific sheep farming it is performed only here, being part of traditional Slovak folk culture. It is an important contribution Slovakia has brought to the wide range of European cultural traditions.




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