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hand-bag PopularEstablished in 2002, the Popular brand has expanded its creative span from graphic design to product design. Under generally strong pressure of globalisation, two young designers Michal Rafaj and Zuzana Kubánová seek to pursue their careers in opposite direction and reach the market with unique original design produced in small or bigger series. They have visual style of pop-culture symbols and retro-motives they transform into funny and witty prints at T-shirts and other products. Logotyped figure Popular is their general graphic symbol. The symbol has several graphic alternatives. They presented their latest collection of T-shirts, bags and fashion accessories in an August exhibition in the Design Studio ÚĽUV. An interview with Michal Rafaj and Zuzana Kubánová is the first in a series of articles investigating how young designers and visual artists cope with real world after they graduated.




Further articles in the magazine Craft, Art, Design 03/2007: