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New masters

Official ceremony of presenting titles of folk art production masters to shortlisted folk art producers has become a part of Days ÚĽUV Masters during recent years. The excellence of their work – craft and arts – has classified them among the notable representatives of Slovak culture. On the even of this year´s all-Slovak festival of traditional crafts and folk productions held under the name Days of Masters at the Castle from 01 until 02 September 2007 at the Bratislava Castle, six newly awarded masters of folk art production received their prizes from the hand of ÚĽUV director Ing. Milan Beljak.

Among conditions under which a folk art production master is awarded their title is excellent knowledge of traditional production, mastering a complex technique, specific creative expression and experience in a specific folk art production field. Commission of experts under the Centre for Folk Art Production in Bratislava established pursuant to the respective law select candidates for the title.




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