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In the land of crafts

Jakub Mikláš: StoolThe Centre for Folk Art Production announced the first all-Slovak art and craft competition for children and youth In the Land of Crafts 2007 in December 2006. The competition seeks to help children and the young to develop their creativity in the field of crafts, to provide them with innovative opportunities how to spend their free time and to raise interest in traditional and current crafts in Slovakia and to promote interest in national cultural heritage. Participants were required to deliver utility objects using a craft technique. Children registered with entries made from wire and natural netting, made by weaving, knitting, felting or netting. Woodcarving products, clay containers and glass paintings were registered, too. Participants were allowed to combine techniques or add new materials. Three official themes were announced: In the land of crafts (no specific objects defined), Container/Box (bowl, mug, basket, teakettle, jar, vase...) and Bag/Cover (bag, mobile phone case, cosmetic bag, handbag, wallet...). Children between 8 and 15 may have registered, either as individuals or with their elementary school, free-time centre etc. The entries must have fulfilled the following criteria: being inspired by a traditional craft, technique, material or decoration; creative and original product; possessing artistic and craft qualities.

450 entries from around Slovakia registered. First category In the land of crafts (no specific objects defined) was the most popular one with 296 entries. The jury awarded 11 prizes and 11 honourable mentions. Winning and selected entries will be presented and official results will be announced at the October exhibition in the city of Banská Bystrica.

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