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Frequency of elastic environment

by Mária Nepšinská

Unique HIT gallery presented (14 – 29 June 2007) thesis project of Ján Gašparovič (1981), a graduate of the glass studio under J. Gavula. His recent work is an alternative to traditional glass art. He uses glass in new contexts and utilises its physical properties he never utilised before. Gašparovič has been awarded the AFAD rector´s prize for his unique works of art.

During his final years at the academy, Ján Gašparovič focused his artistic endeavours at negating glass as an art medium and formed final appearance of artwork using non-glass process. For example, he uses sticking advertising foils, car paint over fire-refined glass etc. He uses new approaches to part with usual glass creation procedures used in recent years in Slovakia.




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