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Silver jewellery from Remigia Biskupská

by Monika Škvarnová

Remigia Biskupská: Find, 1993In the early 1970s, the visual artist Remigia Biskupská was the first woman in Slovakia who introduced bound wire into the artistic jewellery. She was fascinated by its clear lines, flexibility, strength, light qualities and its endless variability. Biskupská decided for hand-bending and hand-binding techniques that are very close to traditional tinkery. During her 40-year career, Remigia Biskupská developed a unique style she modified from time to time.

Initially, Biskupská mostly did decorative jewellery, producing massive ornamental compositions for necklaces, bracelets, headbands or tiaras. She might have got inspired by folk art and decorations from the Great Moravian Empire. Later, she fully employed her skills, fantasy and intelligence in her stylised and abstract works. Biskupská combined wire with semiprecious stones in the 1980s. The artist did purely abstract works in the 1990s. She utilised clear lines, light and flexibility of wire to produce tension and dynamics in her artworks. Recently, the artist has concentrated on thicker structures of bound wire.




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