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On the winter survey at the AFAD

(Part 2)

by Mária Nepšinská

Danica Balgavá: BottleLooking back at the winter survey results at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, innovative ideas of 2nd year students at the glass studio (headed by doc. Juraj Gavula) were worth to mention. They translated the Flacon topic into emotional and creative energy and produced small objects, employing a large range of technologies. Students of 3rd year were assigned to combine various materials – their winter term theme was Glass and other substances.

Students of clothing design studio of the textile creation division (headed by doc. Júlia Sabová) were assigned a task to develop designs from the topic Tailoring element in monochromatic white colour clothing. Students were instructed to design, by multiplying or multilayering of an element (cuff, collar, belt, pocket or buttonhole), ready-to-wear clothes with perfectly tailored details. The purpose was to identify relations between internal and external construction of clothing and construction elements of modern or historical architecture such as canon, rhythm, structure, gradation and movement. The clothes were required to include tailoring details and architectural forms, combined to form a harmonic whole. Aesthetical appearance is attributed to white colour clothes. White makes us thing about other laws of visual expression in clothing, it is symbol of beginning and purity, reflecting light and playing games with textile.




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