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Fresh towers

by Xénia Lettrichová

Juraj Závodný: Jewel box DovecotAn architect with the feeling for visual arts is a combination typical for the work of Juraj Závodný. He certainly thinks of things around him from the point of view of a visual artist. It is clear from the arrangement of volumes, space, structures and interior areas. Juraj Závodný has presented his latest works, boxes – towers, at this year´s exhibition in Bratislava. His solitaires are small architectures with all they should have. He discovers multiply forms of a tower – they are compact, closed, open or with half-open drawers. By this, he generates new dynamics and new silhouettes. It is very interesting to see how much free space the author discovers in such a small place as this topic of limited shape, construction and functionality certainly is. With help of an original solution, detailed processing, impressive and noble materials, his boxes remind of very unique and luxurious jewellery.




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