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Spirit of Mozart – Paris, Prague and Vienna

by Ľubica Pavlovičová

Lenka Sršňová (AFAD Bratislava): MozartSecond hand shops flooded our towns in recent years. French company Recyclaid (doing business in used clothes industry) invited the clothes design studio at the AFAD in Bratislava, Slovakia and the clothes design studio at the Faculty of Multimedia Communications of the Tomas Bata University in Zlín, the Czech Republic to re-design old clothes Recyclaid had provided for free. The company required producing designs of adequate artistic standard and presenting them at a fashion show in France.

Spirit of the age Mozart lived in - rich shapes, dynamics, sense for detail as well as moderate artistic expression and simple modelling - remain to inspire artists of our times. Thus, Mozart seemed to be a perfect theme for students. The students borrowed from diverse fields such as Mozart´s compositions, historical objects or his life. The achievements of the Spirit of Mozart project premiered at the Ethical Fashion Show Recyclaid organised in Paris. Further shows were held in Prague and Vienna.




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