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On the winter survey at the AFAD

by Mária Nepšinská

Jug by Lucia FabiánováThe works of the students they produced during the winter term 2006/2007 were exhibited at the premises of the Academy. Jana Némethová, a student of 5th year, was evaluated the most outstanding student of the jewellery studio who presented the most homogenous and well-processed collection In the deep valley. She decided to work on the concept derived from a popular folk song In the deep valley a fawn is drinking water... and transformed the song theme into seven graphical images depicting the most crucial parts of the plot. Hana Fišerová (the jewellery studio, year 5) transformed the topic Sound into small playful objects with various sound signals.

Zuzana Kovalčíková, year 2, ceramics studio transformed a cup, plate and third part of set with the defined function into a set with unified visual appearance of water waves. A collection of ceramic jars by Lucia Fabiánová, year 5, presents understandable inspiration and function of presented items. According to the author, a beer jar is transformed into “a bag for liquid bread”. It is therefore clear why the objects are made from textile.




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