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Askold´s glass

by Viera Kleinová

Set for drinking Tower by Askold Žáčko, 1994A retrospective exhibition of designer, sculptor and teacher Askold Žáčko was organised in Bratislava ten years after his death. Divided into three sections of design, jewellery and sculpting, the exhibition attempts to evaluate his lifetime artwork. The exhibition catalogue adds his architectural contributions.

Having been part of the group of glass artists, the Bratislava glass school, Askold Žáčko is acknowledged as its prominent member. The group was established in the 1970s, in the glass in architecture studio of the AFAD in Bratislava, headed by renowned Czech artist Václav Cigler. Žáčko assumed Cigler´s position in 1979. Žáčko is considered an artist who significantly contributed to the development of new trends in Slovak glass design.

Žáčko preferred to produce small sculptures. He also made several objects for architecture such as exterior sculptures, interior objects for banks and private residences. Žáčko produced designs of dining items, furniture and lightings. He always speculated over dining designs. Later on, he concentrated on experiments with a ceremonial bowl. Žáčko borrowed from the Slovak glass tradition and preferred simple and functional design. He left the AFAD in 1989 and established a company producing product and interior design.




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