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Estonian toys

by Liivi Soova

Christi Kütt: The Union of Folk Art and Craft in Estonia has been organizing competitions supporting the development of traditional craft since 2001. The organizers of the 2006 year challenged artists and craftsmen to create modern toys inspired by traditional crafts for children of various ages. What does an Estonian toy really look like? According to the competition participants, it is usually soft, warm and woolly. The participants used mainly textile and felt in large scale traditional patterns from belts and gloves, colours typical for striped skirts of folk costumes and traditional lace patterns. This way they were able to attract children to folk art. Some toys also contained stories, fairy tales or poems. The competition will have its own catalogue. Another event will take place in 2007. The organizers have even picked a topic – bags. The idea is to create new modern bags inspired by folk art for daily use as well as celebrative occasions and suitable to a folk costume.




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