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A unique way of decorating bodices

by Martin Mešša

Detail of the decoration made by gluing multi-colour glass crush, Smilno, east of SlovakiaIt is known that people's artistic expression is not only conditioned to their individual artistic feelings, talent and creativity but also by the availability of certain materials. Adapting available materials to thematic needs, however, can substitute for rare or unobtainable materials. Such a solution can be seen, for example, in creating interesting technology for decorating female adult and girl bodices in the municipalities surrounding the glass works in Stebnícka Huta in the north east of Slovakia. The availability of material or even the domestic production of small glass hollow beads of round or oval shape meant that these were sewn in as a floral decoration on bodices made from colourful woollen cashmere materials. In the municipalities of Stebník, Stebnícka Huta and Zborov, the decoration of bodices resulted in a full pictures on the back, front and half-curve sides.

In these three municipalities, bodices were decorated by another, unique and interesting method – by gluing multi-colour glass crush that was obtained from waste glass directly in the glass workshop or in the waste in its surroundings. The individual parts were decorated before sewing them together. After cutting the right shape, the future pattern was gently drawn on, glue was applied on the individual lines and then were sprinkled with a thick layer of crushed glass that was pressed against the material. Glass that did not stick to the material fell off and other lines with other colour were applied. The results are patterns which optical effect is well noticeable during a direct sunlight or by a light of a lamp or a candle.




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