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Symposium of Artistic Jewel Kremnica 2006 

by Mária Nepšinská

Silvia Fedorová: BroochThe 12th annual Kremnica 2006 international symposium of artistic jewellery that took place in July 2006 was organized by the Association of Jewellers AURA in cooperation with Kremnica’s School of Utilitarian Art and curator support from Ágnes Schramm. This time seven authors from a wide generation spectrum participated – renowned artists and students as well as a variety of artistic focus from design to textile, architecture, sculptures up to jewel. As a tradition, four symposium themes were set: genius loci, free creation, specific theme Who keeps fish? according to Einstein’s puzzle, and jewel – object joining characteristic elements of creation of the individual participants. The symposium is the only repetitive activity in the field of jewellery. The end was crowned by an exhibition located in the old fortifications of Kremnica.




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