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Rings in Water 2006

Fourth year of the design competition focused on crafts

Zdeněk Hogh: Jewellery boxes, 1st Prize at the section Dining Set and Interior ObjectThe competition is organized every other year by the Centre of Folk Art Production in Bratislava. This successful fourth year of public design competition oriented to crafts again attracted creative designers of artistic crafts and utilitarian art. Eminent professional artists as well as students from secondary schools and universities participated. The two-round evaluation took place in two individual sections with four categories. All together, 151 authors with a total of 783 submissions entered the competition. After the initial elimination, the second round consisted of 109 authors with 480 pieces. These were divided as follows: 254 pieces in the category Table Settings and Interior Elements, 74 pieces in the category Clothing Accessories and Jewellery, 57 pieces in the category Souvenirs, and 95 in the category for secondary school students. An important evaluation criterion for the individual artefacts was the connection of traditional craft with contemporary design, originality, quality of art and craft finishing, and the utilitarian functionality of the work.

The focus of the competition was to attract young designers to create products using elements and motifs from folk culture. The level of the competition and its reputation are very inspiring for many authors and bring about rich results. This is a good sign that traditional art and craft linked with current design makes sense, and it is a guarantee of the continuity of projects in the future and the growing interest in similar activities.


Craft, Art, Design 03/2006

Craft Art Design 03/2006


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