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Jozef Bajus: Curved Circle 

by Zuzana Gažíková

Jozef Bajus, academic artist (1958), was a leader of the Textile Department at University of Fine Arts in Bratislava in 2001. His works broadened the view of textile and textile art; he enriched it with new processes and transferred some principles into his free creation. The author is considered a leading Slovak fine artist, not only in the field of textile art.

Since 2001 Jozef Bajus is a successful lecturer in the USA, and since 2005 he has been an associate professor and leader of a study programme focusing on textiles at Buffalo State College, New York, USA. 

Atom Tornado, detailThe exhibition Curved Circle in Liptovský Mikuláš presents in Slovakia unknown Bajus’ creation from his work in the USA, mainly during 2005 to 2006. The name of the exhibition Curved Circle is a metaphor on our planet. Bajus places a mirror to our civilization. His objects and installations reflect the social, political and environmental status of the world. The author remains faithful to materials and processes; however, he frequently uses natural or technical materials or objects. The use of tearing, connecting and layering demonstrates mass production, the consumer lifestyle, producing waste, destroying nature with dramatic consequences to changes in climate and the environment (Junk Mail, Curved Circle, Junk Yard, Hurricane, Ozone Hole, Aerosol Index). His works are influenced by considerations about the destructive use of our planet, fanaticism, the demonstration of power following continuous destruction of mankind (Ground Zero, Atom Tornado). Sometimes he depicts things and happenings on the “other side of the world” that don’t consider us (or them depending on what side of the world we are talking about); however, some events or decisions are so global that they reach out to the life of every individual. Without realizing this truth, the circle will remain curved.

The exhibition Curved Circle allows for continuous monitoring and perceiving the work of this author whilst it is interesting to see the American reality through the eyes of an author who comes from a Slovak cultural background and European cultural tradition.




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