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Glass in International Confrontations 

International Glass Symposium 2006

by Michaela Fišerová

Eva FišerováThe 7th Annual International Glass Symposium took place in the last week of June. It was initiated by the RONA Company and took place at their glass workshops in the Manor House in Lednické Rovne. The glass workshop was established 114 years ago by the Schreiber family company. The tradition of the glass biennale is 100 years old: the first annual symposium took place because of the anniversary in 1992.

The selection of creators invited to the International Glass Symposium 2006 was oriented to leaders in the field of art blown glass with a focus on the European glass scene. Ultimately, 10 well-known authors participated in the symposium with the works offered demonstrating a variety of new variations on the contemporary European movement. The works were created in a short time and are the results of rare harmony of authors’ projects prepared ahead, their abilities to spontaneously adapt in a new environment, creatively improvise and cooperate with assisting glass masters. Therefore it can be concluded that this was an unrepeatable unique work that fully confirmed the variability of possible views and methods of thinking in glass. The symposium ended with a united exhibition.




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