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Craftsmen Days at the Castle 

ÚĽUV Days of Craftsmen that have been held in the centre of Bratislava for the last fifteen years took place this year for the first time at Bratislava Castle. The change of place was caused by the necessity of expanding this event, not only due to its scope but also because of the content. The sixteenth year of presentation of traditional production and crafts received a new concept and took place under the name Craftsmen Days at the Castle. The organizers showed the direction in which the event should develop and the place it should hold in the cultural life of Slovakia. 

Atmosphere at the Craftsmen DaysThe concept of Craftsmen Days at the Castle is based on the idea to present a variety of traditional culture of Slovaks and minorities living in the Slovak Republic. It talks about a programme composed from a mosaic of craft presentations, music and dance performances, gastronomic services and other specifics that are should present the individual regions of Slovakia. The samples of craft techniques and products express the differences of the individual regions based on their historical and cultural development. A similar point of view is directed to music and dance performances, which is not only because of the folklore but also because of other genres that create music culture of the country in contemporary style. The gastronomic selection was chosen to be in harmony with the overall concept of the event whilst providing sustenance for the visitors.

Altogether, 89 producers participated in this event, of which 25 were attending Craftsmen Days at the Castle for the first time. The youngest participant was a 15-year-old carver, and the oldest was an 85-year-old whip producer.

As in previous years, ÚĽUV Schools of Crafts in Bratislava and in Banská Bystrica prepared well-attended creative workshops for children. The accompanying musical and children theatrical programme took place at the two venues. Unfortunately, the gastronomy did not come up to the high standard as this event requires despite the fact it was originally included in its concept.

Craftsmen Days at the Castle also featured a “Craftsmen Gala Evening” with musical and dance performances by the group SĽUK and the presentation of awards for Master of Folk Art to six new bearers of this title.




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