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Zuzana Gažíková: M. Art. And patterns of textile - M. Bošelová

For the first time, Marta Bošelová presented her work at a solo exhibition in Liptovský Mikuláš. This textile graduate from the University of Art and Industry in Prague (graduating in 1981) works as a teacher in the Department of Art Education at the Pedagogical Faculty of the Catholic University in Ružomberok. Her work is obviously marked with the mutual influence of free textile creation and clothing design. The exhibition project, m. art. and patterns of textile, was both a non-traditional retrospective as well as presentation of her latest work where she presented her clothing designs, tapestries, paintings, objects, installations and miniatures. The exhibition was divided into 4 parts: VIP, From the Archive, Streams, and Genius Loci. In the recent past, the artistic interest of Marta Bošelová concentrated on knitted clothes, and in VIP she presented her clothing designs. In From the Archive the author returned to her past works, recycling them with new and surprising adjustments – in plastic CD cases. In the third part, Streams, she presented her inspirational sources – tradition and the countryside, while in Genius Loci she included elements of cultural traditions and identity belonging not only to western Christian culture but also respecting folk tradition. She presented cassocks for a variety of religious occasions as well as installations of a path made of pieces of authentic embroidery and natural materials, as a symbol placed inside cobbles . The installation can be understood as not only providing respect but also a certain touch of irony.




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