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Viera Kleinová: Garden party

Two young Slovak artists – Ojka and Marianno – entitled their own exhibition of jewels at the Design Studio of ÚĽUV the Garden Party.

Ojka (Katarína Ondrejková) is a graduate of free textile creation at the University of Fine Arts in Bratislava. She designed jewels and clothing items for a Garden Party where the common motif is a floral design. Stylish roses and jewels simulating underwater fauna or flora dominated. Other clothing items were reminiscent of the magic of old embroidered handbags from the nineteenth century or the extravagance of French haute-couture. The textile base is very noteworthy in her works, especially in the material and her techniques, and examples include: embroidery, sewn lace, bobbin lace, French knots etc. The author’s interest in miniatures is also demonstrated and she uses demanding textile techniques with great skill.

Marianno (Marian Hornyák) studied at the Metal and Jewel Studio of the University of Fine Arts in Bratislava. His collection is based on geometrical shapes and contains floral-type broaches and necklaces. There is a dichotomy between strict geometry on one side and on the other opulent, diverse forms and non-traditional combinations of materials.




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