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Oľga Fratričová: Bobbin lace - looking for originality

Bobbin lace making is one of very popular and requested techniques that mainly women of all age categories, from students to seniors, and at various levels of skill study at the School of Crafts by ÚĽUV. For those lace makers who would like to improve and develop their craft abilities creatively, we provide courses led by artists. The first two were led by Mgr. Blanka Cepková.

The topic of the first course that took place from January to June 2004 was the table setting. This is currently probably the widest field of use for bobbin lace. The focus of the course was to direct lace makers to seek new and original approaches. Their inspiration was purposefully not influenced by patterns that are publicly available or from traditional patterns. The aim of the course was to inspire lace makers to create their own design that would also be their personal expression. The source of their inspiration was a natural object of their choice.

The second course, from November 2005 to January 2006, developed the method of work from the first course and was its natural continuation. The task was to create a clothing accessory – a scarf. The lace makers were instructed to base their inspiration on a folded piece of paper and realize how little the amount of elements is required to find a suitable motif. The logical result was a geometrical form.




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