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Martin Mešša: The message of figure-creating work of Ján Frankovič

Last year was the 100th anniversary of the birth of Ján Frankovič and twenty years since his death (1905 – 1985). He was the fourteenth and last in a line of masters from this family. The main production of the Frankovič family was focused on making jugs, bowls and plates with the characteristic decoration of lines, waves and dots. The central motif on the bottom of each plate was a painted bird. Figural creation was only an addition in the production of the Frankovič family to broaden their variety, and it was typically more frequently used by Ján when he started cooperating with ÚĽUV after 1956. The production of figural vessels and candle holders is characterized by joining the techniques of turning and modelling. The principles of turning vessels can be seen in keeping the vertical direction of a figure, especially on candle holders and sculptures of female bodies. It is also very typical in vessels decorated with bears or small people. Frankovič used the same technique and sometimes the same or similar motifs of decoration on his candle holders and female bodies as well as on his jugs. The colour scheme is also similar – usually dark brown and ochre including the decoration or painting of some parts of the clothing.

Ján Frankovič’s figural creations had many followers. However, they only adhere in respect of the material, the turning and modelling techniques, and the endeavour to make miniature figures. The other characteristics remain unique to the figural creations of the Frankovič family.




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