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Eva Trojanová: Pavol Hlôška - Space for eternity

Pavol Hlôška is one of the last students of Professor V. Cigler who taught students to appreciate glass mass, the necessity to learn the craft well and also give it a certain spiritual dimension. In the spirit of the credo, Pavol Hlôška understood the laws of this world through the purity of the glass object. For more than quarter of a century he has been devoted to the demanding work of a glass maker, and the results of his work are currently at the pinnacle of Slovak creations. He works with optical glass that he processes cold by cutting, scraping and polishing. His artistic form is based on a compact mass of basic geometric shapes. However, the glass object does not impress only with its shape but also with its ability to change rays of light, reflection, mirroring internal and external areas. Pavol Hlôška is one of the glass makers who introduced this new quality of glass on the Slovak art scene. In his conception he uses a perfect geometric form. Most commonly he works with various metamorphosis and variations of a triangle, pyramid and their spatial variations or with a disc. The perception of geometric form is in Hlôška’s work is connected with knowledge of Eastern philosophies about character and the basis of the world and universe. Technically, his specialty is using a process of metalising in a vacuum, a technique he uses for decomposing visual structures.




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