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Xénia Lettrichová: The Joja effect

Josefine Pavlik studied painting arts in Bratislava, but only recently did she progress through theory to practice in a full and very intensive manner. Her curiosity and her desire to manage new techniques with the discovery of new expressive possibilities led her to a variety of disciplines in a relatively short period of time – painting, installations, the creation of spatial objects, textile techniques, artprotis technique and fleecing, and lately to jewels. Fleecing seems to be the right technique and method for her since it is closely connected with her personality – combining colours, modelling in space, shaping, arranging, letting her imagination fly, and devoting herself to her passion – hats. Her hats have a characteristic look, are eye-catching, engage specific ideas, and are often brave and always unique. They feature original new shapes without any sign of support from the history of clothing. The author blurs the borders between headband, cap and hat. Her creations are sculptural and feature variability. Without specifying which side is front or back, they leave the wearer to make the final decision.

Jozefine Pavlik has lived in Germany since 1978. She is a member of Kunstverein München, Erding, Wasserburg, and in 2002 she was awarded a prize by the prime minister of Bavaria.




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