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Viera Kleinová: Clothes and the native village

The relationship between clothing design and folk art was a recent topic for Design Studio ULUV in Bratislava where six authors exhibited their work. The traditional female dress of the village can be seen in typical folk buttons, utilizing the cut of waistcoats or the free interpretation of embroidery made with burning forms; another author searches for that homely feeling by using natural colours and plissé techniques, linking it with net-printing; another connects several traditional folk costume forms. “Bedspreads series uses the inspiration of the bedspread as an evening dress. Several variations were created from the folk shirt by innovating the original pattern to suit a more twenty-first century look. The Stupava Collection – Paris – New York – tri stylish and geographic stops – represent the direction of the so-far imaginary journey of its author: from Stupava where he comes from, he takes the costume, from Paris the style of Louis XVI, and from New York, the jazz era. Another collection created from saddler’s cloth focuses on well-managed cut and details hidden inside the clothing (hand-printed inner lining, in-sewn triangles, original tags talking instead of how to care for clothes about how to care for life).




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