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Mária Felberová: A Return to Traditions

The Spiš Museum in Levoča in cooperation with the Secondary Pedagogic School in Levoča prepared an interesting event focused on the use of folk traditions in current clothing fashions under the title: Clothes in the Metamorphosis of Time – A Return to Traditions.
The rich fund of folk clothing from the central Spiš region that can be found in the collections of the Museum in Levoča has become a source of inspiration for students of this school. They created a collection of 23 models of contemporary celebrative as well as everyday clothing. Some students addressed the theme of head bonnets – an obligatory part of traditional celebrative female and wedding clothes. The author of the model of current male wedding clothes was inspired by a decorative paspula and lacing on celebrative trousers. The author of the clothes modelled from batik material used the motive of a wedding scarf thrown over one shoulder and tied on the other side on the waist, usually identified with wedding dignitaries – the mayor and best man.




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