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Eva Trojanová: Glass in space, space in glass

Lukáš Mjartan (1975) started his journey with glass by a detour from his primary study focus of ceramics and design at the University of Fine Arts. He was introduced to glasswork by the Palovci husband and wife team, well-known and excellent glass makers, and he is their only student in Slovakia. The technology of casting glass opened up opportunities to connect to the “Palovci” concept of the glass objects such as developing sculptures in spatial relationships. Mjartan has well-developed architectonic spatial feelings and he therefore focuses on the unity of space and glass mass in his glass objects. He constructs his objects in geometric, architectonic forms. The basic forms he uses are circle, square and vertical. Their compositions make simple geometric rosters and pictures, sometimes of a hieroglyphic character. Although they make a massive and robust impression, they are usually of more modest dimensions.




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