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Eva Trojanová: Glass objects by Zora Palová

Zora Palová: Cell, 2004The creations of Zora Palová have been marked since the beginning by the desire to express ephemeral feelings in a glass mass. A simple quadratic, pyramidal or round object made of optical-cut glass created changing virtual worlds in front of the spectator. Zora Palová later uncovered other aspects of glass. The uneven surface of a sculpture with the marks following firing is a contradiction to the elegant, highly cut and polished sculpture. Glass becomes a material that is easy to work with and shape; it loses its hardness and coldness and becomes a suggestive magical mass; and it becomes a sculpting material from which the full artistic work is created. Sculptures from glass shaped in a mould are based on the monumentality of the strong shape, which is usually based on a vertical, pyramid, circle or oval. When processing a monolithic block, she advanced to an object that is open in shape and works with a space. She achieved a result where the object does not appear as such a mass by perforating it, making holes and areas, making the wall thickness variable so it can let in different light intensities. An important component in the creations of Zora Palová is colour. She likes using Rubin, purple, blue and green. Colour in connection with light, a variable intensity of scale, together with the shape design of the object, create an impressive magical aura.




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