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Xénia Lettrichová: Ideas and implementation

Soňa Sadilková: A rose happening, 2005, textile, wireSoňa Sadílková is creative, inventive, non-conventional, and persuasively searches for new possibilities of expression outside the narrow framework of the classical lines of art disciplines. Her creations are based on ideas, featuring creation as well as composition in the area between textile, jewel, object and happening. She is playful and unburdened with her sense of creation. She is able to implement an idea spontaneously with anything she finds available. Durability is not important in her ideas and how she implements them; other tasks will come along as well as new solutions. She started working with paper as an artistic material during her studies in the Textile Studio of the University of Fine Arts in Bratislava. Along with jewellery, objects and accessories, Sadílková often bases her creations on a basic and surprisingly banal element – a roll made out of triangular piece of paper. Clothes – a paper object – is a study of the symbiosis of body and material from a variety of aspects. She finds her inspirational and rich ideas from various workshops, symposia and exhibition; these serve as an opportunity for her to focus and then move forward in her programme.




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