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ÚĽUV is 60 years old

It was established by a presidential decree in 1945, and since 1954 its work has been an organization directed and supported by the Department of Culture. Ever since then it has demonstrated its focus – caring for folk art production – by research, documentation, art help to producers, providing locations for the sale of their products, education, promotional and publishing activities. As time went along with the introduction of new generations to folk art production and the admirable possibilities of information technology, ÚĽUV awoke to further development. Not even folk art production can escape from the turbulent information progress because even folk art, despite its seeming conservatism, can move with the times. For the occasion of the 60th anniversary of ÚĽUV’s founding, it exhibited its development along with a traditional, classical exhibition of folk production and craft at the Days of Masters in Bratislava by opening its international internet conference on its own web page. It is one of the new forms of work, as well as a new content of work, ÚĽUV wants to participate in at the beginning of its seventh decade of work.




Further articles in the magazine Craft, Art, Design 03/2005:


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