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Eva Trojanová: Playing with light

Mária Berkyová: Objects, 2005Exhibition by students of the Glass Department of the University of Fine Arts The Glass Department in Architecture at the University of Fine Arts in Bratislava was established in 1965. Its initiator and first lecturer was Dr. Václav Cigler. Since then, the school and glass department have gone through many metamorphoses, and its studios have produced dozens of new glass artists whose work was recognized not only at home but also abroad. The fortieth anniversary of the establishment of the Glass Department in Architecture was celebrated by a series of student exhibitions in several Slovak galleries. The Playing with Light project focuses on presenting the creations of students of glass art in order to captivate public interest. The exhibition offers an insight into the creative workshop demonstrating the process of development and forming contemporary “thinking in glass”. It presents topical concepts and the direction of future artists who are trying to re-evaluate technological and aesthetic principles of work with glass mass. The exhibition presented the year-end works of five students.




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