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Viera Kleinová: Small is adorable

Bety K. Majerníková: small personal gadgetsJewels with a story or stories of a jewel – that is the motto of an exhibition in ÚĽUV Design Studio in June 2005. Two young Slovak jewellery makers presented their latest creations: Hana Kašičková and Beta K. Majerníková. They both participated this year in a great travelling exhibition of European jewellery entitled Maker Wearer Viewer, which will be presented in England, Scotland and the Netherlands. At the ÚĽUV Design Studio they present their collections of jewels with this same topic. Jewellery cartoons by Hana Kašičková are a witty, almost fairy tale-like series with two main heroes, and these can be characterized as drawings made from metal. To create them she uses cut and shaped brass, copper, silver, and this is all coloured using spray paint (on the front page of the magazine). The “small personal machines” of Beta K. Majerníková are taken from the idea of digital cameras, mobile telephones, hands free, portable CD players and similar consumer electronics, which nowadays can be regarded as personal jewels or gems.




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