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Viera Kleinová: Made in Slovakia/Slovenia

Nikoleta Píšová: Wall carpetThe newest creation from Slovak and Slovenian textile artists devoted to textile design was introduced under the name Made in Slovakia/Slovenia at the ÚĽUV Design Studio in Bratislava. Slovakia was represented by Jana Havlovičová and Nikoleta Píšová, while for Slovenia there was Tjaša Bavcon and Zlatka Knapič. The common theme of the exhibition was the use of fleece. Jana Havlovičová brought in a series of fleece carpets and cushions as well as other interior accessories. She used stylistic floral compositions and abstract designs. Tjaša Bavcon and Zlatka Knapič brought their joint project to Slovakia created in cooperation with the design studio Oloop entitled Flying Slippers. These are a series of carpets and slippers made from industrial fleece. In addition, under the trademark OLOOP they introduced brooches and magnets made of fleece – simply cut motifs. All four representatives had met before during their university studies in 2001 during a study trip to Finland at the faculty of textile design.




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