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Monika Škvarnová: Iveta Miháliková’s objects

Iveta Miháliková’s was born in 1962, graduated from the University of Fine Arts in Bratislava and is currently a teacher at the Secondary School of Utilitarian Art. Her miniature creations – objects, utilitarian objects, hanging objects and tapestries are styled in specific, mainly natural motifs leading towards abstractions. From the beginning she has used a variety of craft hand processing textile techniques – machine as well as hand sewing, sewn lace, embroidery, but she also occasionally uses frame weaving and painting with needles and appliqué. She has created several author techniques. In the beginning she mainly used traditional textile materials – flax and hemp fibre. Later, she extended the scale of her work by using mainly non-textile materials (natural materials, glass and plastic). Wire has held the greatest representation in her work since the 1950s. Thin copper or silver wire is connected using a technique borrowed from sewn lace, and this is made even more interesting by the author’s use of techniques taken from textiles. The wire is combined with the other mentioned materials. The combination of plastic and wire by using binding textile techniques represents a unique contribution in the field of contemporary Slovak art.




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