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Ľuba Pavlovičová: Tasks or stimulations

Alena Timkovičová: Horror vacuiAtelier S + M + L – XL Metal and Jewel at the University of Fine Arts in Bratislava has been under the leadership of Karol Weisslechner since 1995. Its programme is based on the synthesis of free creation and artistic craft. Tasks during the semester are very variable, and change from semester to semester. Second year students were given a task this year entitled Chain, Order, Light and Shadow whereby the basis of the task was to find an element of order, ordering and creating a necklace, trying to discover new solutions in joining individual elements. Students in the third year were tasked with creating an architectonic combination of three vessels for liquids as part of table culture whilst being determined to make it out of metal. In the fourth, bachelor year the students decide and prepare their own programme. (K. Ondrejková, K. Španihelová). The students start the fifth year – magisterial study with their own projects (M. Bezúch). In the sixth year, future graduates work according to their own, individual programme (V. Durbák, J. Gottsteinová, K. Hrončeková, A. Timkovičová). In the second half of the summer semester, graduates of the first year also come to study at this faculty for their final course in order to process their final topic: a ring. The last time it was the topic Ring of Bratislava.




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