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Folk clothing on postal stamps

A bonnet from ČajkovAfter 1992, Slovak postage stamps were naturally connected with the traditions of Czechoslovak postage stamps. Among those stamps published after 1993, the most successful creations were three stamps from the series Wonders of our Country from 1999 with the topic of folk clothing – female headscarves from Čajkov, Heľpa and Madunice. The author of the artistic designs according to the photographs of Karol Plicka was the experienced graphic designer and illustrator Kamila Štanclová. In 2001 a couple of stamps with the topic of Detva costumes (female and male) were published according to the designs of Júlia Piačková. Last year, the Slovak Post Office published another couple of stamps under the same topic – a female and male wedding costume from Pata. The author of these artistic designs is Katarína Ševellová-Šuteková.




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