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Eva Trojanová: Mysterious structures of Oliver Leššo

Oliver Leššo: Mysterious structures – Wings, 2000The young artist Oliver Leššo, who graduated six years ago, has had many successful exhibitions abroad, among others: The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France and the USA. He uses challenging technologies for processing optical, composite as well as table glass such as cutting, optical cutting, etching and polishing in order to realize his glass statues for both interior as well as exterior settings. He creates the sculptures alone in his own workshop. Oliver Leššo has become a significant personality in the youngest glass-making generation. He has learned to appreciate the basic natural characteristics of glass. He perceives glass as a sculpting material – he seeks sculptural expression in the weight of the volume. He uses simple basic shapes: quadrants on a triangular base, half-spheres, disc or ovals. On parts of the objects he utilises optical cutting into edges by which he achieves prismatic light dispersion, which then creates new internal designs changing with the motion of the viewer. The latest works are cut and glued from glass cylinders into vertical and horizontal layers and their combinations. The most characteristic are round discs called Mysterious Structures and Mysterious Eyes.




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