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Viera Kleinová: Tinker

Bowl by Slavo Pecúch, wireThis traditional Slovak craft material began to be perceived as bearing artistic value in the second part of the 20th century when wire’s potential was discovered by artists, art craftsmen and designers. Many people are interested in this craft throughout a wide range of disciplines ranging from creating jewels, decorative Easter eggs, through free art and even product design. Slavo Pecúch encountered the tinker trade only as a graduate of a course in 1997, and ever since then he has been intensely interested in it, currently professionally. Even though he lacks formal artistic or design training, it would appear he is naturally talented. In his case he is not reproducing classical tinker patterns or following mainstream lines but rather searching for his own, original path. His work is characterised by a decorative and classical line stressing the optical effect of the thick metal net, a line which is clean and undecorated. He uses classical as well as his own techniques of weaving wire, which he sometimes combines with other techniques and materials.




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