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Viera Kleinová: In silk and fleece

Brooch – flower by Jana Havlovičová, feltingThe young textile creators Jana Havlovičová and Ojka presented their work in the Design Studio of ÚĽUV At the beginning of 2005with their exhibition entitled: It's all about soft. Together they were "exploring" softness - Ojka in silk and Jana Havlovičová in fleece. Ojka (Katarína Ondrejková, a graduate of University of Fine Arts in Bratislava, Atelier of Free Creation) was exhibiting her newest collection of handbags, bracelets, necklaces and brooches in the shapes of rabbits and flowers. In addition, she displayed pieces from her diploma work where she had investigated the topic of perfumed textile in history. The result of this is miniature soft female underwear. The clothes hang on small silver hangers and are embroidered on both sides and lined with silver sewn lace. Her miniature objects are not only jewellery but also the holder of personal perfume applied directly to the silk. Apart from textile jewellery, she also hopes to devote her many talents to fashion. The collection of Jana Havlovičová (graduate of the University of Fine Arts in Bratislava, Atelier of Textile Design) is influenced by woollen material in many variations, ranging from industrially processed fleece up to hand fleecing. The first group contains handbags and hats made from industrial fleece. These feature plastic relief in the colourful shapes of fleece material and, typically, pure geometry with significant contour. In the second group containing hand fleeced brooches, handbags and hats, are more relaxed shapes as a result of the technology of the wool processing. She created the rambling shapes of flowers with prickly, scaly and plastic structures. She first encountered the technique of fleecing in Finland during a study stay in 2000, and it has featured in her creations ever since.




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