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Eva Trilecová: Materials with memory

Bag by Peter Humaj, hemp canvas, relief decorPeter Humaj’s design is at home in many shapes, forms and areas of life – in graphics, industry and utilitarian art. His bags from hand woven flax cloth and non-industrially-processed bovine leather are original pieces. The new “rawness” of the flax cloth is based on one of the designer trends of craft and regional traditions. He creates a relief structural decor on the surface of the material with his technological printing process. Peter Humaj uses bovine leather as a counter balance to the natural flax material in the bags; the leather is not industrially processed and keeps the specific characteristics of animal stiffness and rawness. The leather is supplemented with metal elements in some bags. The handbag tops are decorated with abstract paintings featuring a thick-layered surface in a colourful spectrum from silver through light and dark blue up to yellow.




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