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Alžbeta Gazdíková: Skill forgotten

Copy of the coverMaster products are an individual group of objects important for studying previous eras, i.e. objects created by the adepts of the craft in order to increase their qualification. Master tailor work can be found also in the collections of Slovak National Museum in Martin. This is a cover for a child’s coffin originating from the Tailor’s Guild in Veličná by Dolný Kubín, where it was probably made as a master product. The Tailor’s Guild in Veličná existed in eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The oblong shape of the cover is sewn from small multi-coloured pieces of thin felt. The composition of the pattern is created by motifs arranged into oblong lines with the small central motif of a flower featuring four petals. The motifs on this cover not only have a decorative function but also have the function of symbols and signs connected with Christian learning and beliefs of life after death, spirit and church… The borders of the individual geometric shapes are highlighted with an added line of beige felt between the two parts – into a seam. Here the creator sew three layers of the basic material. This method of contouring is very rare and, we can say, unique in Slovakia.




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