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Mária Zajíčková: Peter Zoričák – Wooden trial

Peter Zoričák (1954) studied history and German and works in the State Central Archive. As a carver he has been a member of an art club since the 1970s, and through this he presented his work at collective exhibitions. Even in his first works, two lines of creation can be noted. The first is content, formally connected to the Slovak historical and folk carving tradition. The other is free creation with simplified lines where everyday motifs of women, family and nature prevail. At the beginning of the 1990s, the author signed a contract with ÚĽUV. His creation of figural as well as relief nativity scenes is very interesting. In recent years the author has participated in a variety of carving symposia. In the year 2002 he was awarded the title of Master of Folk Art Production. He also runs carving courses.




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