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Anna Ondrušeková: Feeling with glass

Glass artist Eva Fišerová gained her technical knowledge at the Secondary Industrial School of Glass Production in Lednické Rovne. During her academic studies with Professor Cigler she searched for her own method of expression based on her perception of world. After finishing her studies she devoted time to creating glass objects from colourless glass with internal bubble and veiled structures. The characteristic shape of the mass also featured an internal life, which created an ideal object for finishing with full surface cutting and polishing. In the 1980s she became interested in the colourfulness of objects. She created molten and cut glass objects of subtle colourfulness, very different in shapes. Each one represented a specific problem that concerned for example the gravity point, balance, asymmetry and continuity. In 1990s she started to disturb the full surface with structures, she continued working with subtle colours and created large glass sculptures using this technique. These led her eventually to switch to a different material – bronze. She is not interested in design. “It is exact and specific work, the antithesis of technology, economy and business.”




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